Bohemia Gold Mining Museum

Located in Cottage Grove’s National Historic District, the museum is a living and expanding memorial to all miners and to the rich history of gold mining activities in the Bohemia Mining District. The museum’s collection of photographs, tools, ore samples, and other artifacts pays tribute to the area’s gold mining history. The museum is dedicated to the memory of Guy Leabo, a long-time area miner with a passion to preserve the history of the Bohemia Mining District. Many of the artifacts in the museum were donated from his personal collection.

Oregon Aviation History Center

Flight was the dream of mankind throughout recorded history and became a reality in the 20th century. Oregon has had all facets of aviation: from historic flights and famous pilots (of both genders) to technological advances.  From fledgling flights and innovations in early design and construction to space-faring astronauts, Oregonians have pursued their dreams of flight.

The goal of the Oregon Aviation Historical Society is to collect, preserve, and restore aviation artifacts for interpretive and educational display and to ensure the preservation of Oregon’s rich aviation heritage for future generations.

Cottage Grove Museum & Annex

Cottage Grove Historical Society is a non-profit society of volunteers with membership open to all who meet to learn more about protecting our local cultural heritage. The mission of the Cottage Grove Historical Society is to preserve and celebrate the history and heritage of the Cottage Grove area and to stimulate interest and knowledge for generations to come.