Cottage Grove Lake

The lake and its shoreline set in the gently rolling hills of the Willamette Valley is used for boating, swimming, water skiing, fishing, picnicking and camping. The Cottage Grove Dam, completed in 1942, stores up to 33,000 acre-feet of water and provides valuable flood control as well as irrigation, recreation and improved navigation downstream. The area is also managed to provide habitat for a wide variety of wildlife species, including waterfowl, blacktail deer, upland game birds, songbirds, bald eagles, and osprey.

Getting there: From Cottage Grove, 5 miles south on I-5 and London Road.

Dorena Lake

This lake is located in rolling, partially wooded hill country. Its three parks offer boating, swimming, sailing, fishing and water skiing. Schwarz park, located downstream of the dam, offers overnight camping for families and groups. Overnight camping is also available at Baker Bay Park on the south side of the lake. The lakeshore is managed for wildlife habitat as well, including many species of birds and animals. Dorena Dam controls the Row River and reduces flood stages downstream on the Willamette River.

Getting there: From Cottage Grove, 6 miles east on Row River Road.